Help us, Lord, we're sinking

down into the deep!

Life is overwhelming,

and it's causing us to weep!

This world now is crazy,

Fears are flying high.

There is a pandemic,

Many now have died!

Hospitals are full

and running over, so they say

of course there's millions dying.

Some die every day!

I would rather trust in God

For my life, to make that choice.

Mothers choose to end the lives,

of those that have no voice!

There are pneumonias, illnesses

and other types of flu,

that also will kill,

because that's what they do!

Think about the accidents

cars and truck will have,

and killers on the streets

they kill, because all things are bad!

It's a shame what is going on,

with racism and all.

A civil war could possibly

cause countries now to fall!

Then there are those

who have reached the age,

where life is no longer joy,

It turns to black as it starts to fade!

there are many ways people die

The only way to eternal life

Trust that Jesus gave His

to save your life!

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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