He walked through the streets

consumed by confusion and fear.

She has promised to be his...

He had never held her near...

She had been with another,

For there was no other way.

To him, she had been unfaithful.

Her love had gone astray.

There is no way to hide this...

the whole city would come to see.

What if they said it was him.

That this child was his seed?

What could he possibly do?

What would he possibly say?

He could only find one answer.

He must send her far away.

No other thoughts were found

as he laid there in his bed,

just the constant mulling over

of the things she had said.

She had not been with another...

God placed this child inside...

First she has cheated on him,

and now she had the nerve to lie.

He was suddenly very weary

and into sleep he did fall.

The unexpected dream brought light

ending darkness once and for all.

"God Almighty has chosen mary

and you joseph, chosen as well.

to parent the Son of the Most High

Who will save the nations from hell."

The angel spoke God's Words.

Word's long ago prophesied.

Word's that gave Joseph courage.

the Truth, he could not deny.

"Mary has not fornicated.

in her life there is not sin.

the child that she carries

the Holy Ghost had placed within."

"You will awaken from this dream.

You will take Mary as your wife.

You will raise this Blessed Child

as if it was you who gave Him life.

You will call His name Jesus

saving His people from their sin.

He will be called Emmanuel,

the Presence of God, ushering in."

With the morning came his peace.

In his heart new hope revived.

He would raise his family as he knew,

heavenly blessings, God would provide.

Angels giving warning

keeping them from enemy hands.

Announcing the birth from the heavens

as Joseph held the Great I Am.

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