John, the disciple whom Jesus loved

I don't know about how most people like to study the scriptures, but I like to generally use a book and workbook that someone else has already written and published this is the first time I have decided to make my own study from the gospel of John and also focus on the disciple of John. I want to encourage my readers to follow along and do the study questions that help us all discover and get to know the disciple of John. Yes, there have been many that have written, studied, and published their works but why me you ask.

My desires for this study is to get to know the Lord and His word in a deeper way but I also wanted to share it with those who maybe computer and internet savoy so as to bring a way to encourage the body of Christ, His Church to love , understanding and obedience to the Lord. So, out of my own obedience to the Lord I have chosen to do this Blog in this community where I am already a member on Facebook.

Without further ado, I will begin in the next post.


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