John Chapter 1:1-5 Study Questions

I started this study by asking questions and I want to share them with you so that we can learn to dig our roots deep into His word. May His presence shed His light into our hearts as we endeavor to grow closer to Him and to each other if you are doing this in a group. So, grab your Bible and let's read and focus on Him this day. For those newly walking with the Lord Jesus, I commend you to seek Jesus and His very presence be with you as you draw near to Him.

Reading John 1:1-5

1. Who was from the beginning of creation of the world, Who spoke eternity into being? see Genesis 1:1-3

2. Was there anything in creation both the things visible that He did not create?

3. In whom is the life and the light of mankind?

4.. Can light overcome darkness?

5. How has the Light of the Word uncovered the darkness and sin in your life?

6. Are there areas in your life that God is shining His light on right now that He wants you to turn from.

Prayer for today is this:

Dear God,

Help me to get to know you better as I sit and to listen to what You will speak to me through these verses in John Chapter 1:1-5. May the questions help guide me to know more of who You are and more importantly may you expose my darkness or sin to me as I come before you now. Amen!


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