Jesus Was a Carpenter

"Jesus Was a Carpenter"

Were You really a carpenter, Lord, Who built houses board by board? Joseph must have taught you skills. Was Your work fancy or with no frills?

You learned about foundation stones Upon which a house is firmly built. Then You left when You were grown To build spiritually what was God-felt.

It was time to build Your Church-Bride. It was done with Godly love, no pride. You would become the Main Stone. It had to be done by You: You alone.

You carried wood to the top of a hill. It was just part of Your Father's will. The house that You built will truly last. It has freed man of his sin of the past.

You have made us Holy Living Stones. We're the House of God, blood-atoned. A Spiritual Temple giving eternal praise, Christened by Your rising from the grave.

Your grace holds us together as One. Now God loves us as His beloved Son. This anointing You will use to unite man. You are the Head; a Body understands.

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