I believe I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ

I believe Jesus came down from heaven to pay my sin price

I believe Jesus is the way, the life, and the way

I believe He's coming back in the clouds to gather His saints one day

Jesus revealed God's heart towards fallen man

Jesus revealed God's salvation plan

Jesus revealed victory over death, he'll, and the grave

Jesus revealed the Lamb's Book of Life where my name is engraved

I believe that when Jesus said, " IT IS FINISHED " from the cross

My past, present, and future sins are forgiven and we're cast into the sea and forever lost

I believe that Jesus fulfilled the law and now we walk in His grace

I believe that what He started in me will come to fruition until I finish my race

Poem/Lyrics written by:

Mrs. Marie Harker 8/5/20

Published 8/6/20

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