Jesus in the storm

Come unto me like a humble child looking for a little shelter from the raging storms of life. A small child who is in need of a little grace to get him through the day so that he can have a little piece of heaven flow in his heart. As it turns out, a greater Love from above to dive into the great adventure. The great adventure whereupon their is the splendid attribute of courage when the storms of life pound on top of your head that is relentlessly. The middle of the battle on the home front. Therefore, the middle of the battle when it is getting all the more hotter.

Secondly, the soft yet gentle voice of the LORD who is calling out to you in the middle of the night while you are in your bed. The LORD of LORD's who is saying step out of the waves of oppression. A few waves of oppression that has kept you in a state of bondage for a long period of time. The LORD of LORD's who is saying step out of the waves of chaos. I am the way, the truth, and the light who calms the the waters! I am Jesus Christ who is the Great I am. I am the great shepherd. I speak life into the marrow of your bones. Therefore, be of courage my child!

Be of courage and step out of the boat. Walk onto the water my child! Be not dismayed my child. Have faith in who I am. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Take on my yoke that is light. Take a leap of faith into the unknown while facing the giants in the land that mock you. Thirdly, the ghosts of the past that haunt you while you are a sleep. The ghosts of the past who tell you that you are worthless. The ghosts of the past who tell you that no one loves you. Burn the ships and walk tall.

Love calls out to the ones whose hearts are broken, the sick, the tormented, the abused, the neglected, and the widower. A greater Love that is soft spoken as well as sacrificial. A greater Love that does not keep no record of wrongs. It is compassionate throughout the great adventure. Love does not boast nor is envious of others. Lastly, it is not jealous of worldly possessions.


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