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Is There One That Knows My Heart

I sit on the patio of a home not mine. A vision one never dreams of. Bound to a chair ‘till the end of time. Wanting the freedom as a dove. The sun is bright and warm today. The wind whistles gently through the trees. My heart full of hopes is guiding my way. Can someone listen to me please? Take a breath full and refreshing, A wish that soon will not be. A merry tune the birds do sing, Home I'll be going with He. Children laughing as they play, While skipping down the leafy lane. Listen all to what I say, Living your life for Him is gain. You look at me, and things you ask, Not giving me time to reply. This look upon my face a mask. To you, how long ‘till I die. If I could tell His truth to you, You'd see me differently. You'd learn of love and what to do. How happy you would be! The memories I have keep me company, His warmth and love deep inside. I'm full of joy, can't you see? For in Him I do abide. Franticly you all surround me, But I'm no longer there. With Him is where I am you see, No burdens do I bare. If I could leave you just one word, It would be the Lord my Jesus. I hope that what I've said you've heard, He's the one that heals and frees us.

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