I Will Rise.

I know I will rise

Up to Heavens heights

To be with Jesus Christ.

Dance and praise Him

Devote eternity to Him.

I know I will rise.

I know I will rise

Jesus has shown me so.

Through the narrow door I will go.

By the narrow path I will walk

Along Emmaus Road, with Jesus, I will walk and talk.

I know I will rise.

I know I will rise

To be forever with the Kings of kings

Greater things in Heaven never seen.

To be there in all His Glory

Death is not the end of life's story.

I know I will rise.

I know I will rise

At the end of my earthly life

Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

God's free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ

Every day is Easter morning

I know I will rise.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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