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All of us live with something that causes us pain

It can be physical or mental, it brings emotional strain

The rain falls on the just and unjust, it's part of life

What matters is who we turn to through our struggles and strife

I turn to You Lord, for You ease my pain

I turn to You Lord, for You allow the rain

I turn to You Lord, for You have me in the palm of Your hand

I turn to You Lord, for You hold me up so I can stand

By the grace of God, I've never turned to pills to help me out

I have loved ones who have, they are angry, miserable, and have to shout

The pain inside them, they try so hard to suppress

If only to You they brought their pain, together it would be addressed

Poem/Lyrics written by:

Mrs. Marie Harker 4/14/20

Published : 4/14/20

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