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I care not

Like a few large branches that are connected to a strong oak tree I am connected to the Love of my father on high who created me from the beginning of time by his hands. As a result, I care not for the dark forces that seek to cripple the faith residing in me. The solid faith of a good man who is full of wisdom, discernment, integrity, honor, and loyalty that stands out. These five outstanding attributes that make up the foundation of a man of God. My own faith standing as tall as a high tower elsewhere. A great deal of abundance grace flowing throughout my character as I take in the very breathe of God.

Secondly, the beauty that is clearly evident within both of my ladies green Irish eyes. Her sweet nature uplifting her sisters as well as her brothers making them all their hearts all the more merrier. A great deal of gratitude as well as her solid purity that is as white as snow standing in the gap for her brothers as well as her sisters more than a few times. A great deal of her countenance that is evident within the LORD of LORDs that is fair to my eyes. Therefore, the fact that she dives into the ocean of serenity that is amazing.

Furthermore, I care not for dark forces that strips away all that is good from the LORD who reigns on high in the great adventure. The sting of death that robs me of my joy in the LORD. The abundance of good spiritual fruit that comes frim abiding in his plan for my life. The glory of the LORD as well as abiding in hispresence throughout the course of the day. Therefore, the ways of the LORD who reigns on high giving all praise, honor, and honor is due to him. a good honorable name that is better than worldly riches.

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