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I Am Here

I saw it all the good and the bad,

the laughter and the trials.

I lived your hurt and times in pain,

the doubts and fears and all that defiles.

I walked in your footsteps and by your side,

carried you when it was what you needed.

Wiped away your tears when you failed,

celebrated with you when you succeeded.

I saw you blossom and grow into a follower,

faith as strong as the highest mountain.

Accepting the truth of our creator,

as you gladly immersed in the fountain.

I felt your joy and wonder of your love,

the beauty within, and the kindness shown.

Your care for others who were in need,

giving a portion of all you own.

I lived and saw it all with my own eyes,

anointed with a purpose-made clear.

Forgive the sin of all who would believe,

I am God’s son, and with you, I am here.

Well done, my good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:21

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