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'I am escaped!'

'I am escaped!'

( a poem inspired by Psalm 124)

Had it not been for the Lord

Who was on my side,

Had it not been for his power

over the evil one,

Had it not been for His love,

and his saving grace,

I would have been a wretch,

In deep waters would I be drenched

I'd have been a hopeless case,

and an empty place

But now that the power of His love flows within me,

My head is lifted high,

I take authority

Over the plans of the enemy

and victory is assured through His Blood,

Like a bird in the air, I am free!

Like a bird in the air,

I am escaped from the snare of the enemy!


sweet deliverance,


sweet freedom

Who the Son has set free

is free indeed!

My head is lifted high

and I declare again

'I am FREE!'

Afua Richardson-Parry (2012)

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