I Ain't Nothing

Updated: Nov 5

I’ve never done much worthwhile

An underachiever, it would seem

No real-life ambition or purpose

Taking things as they come

Why me? Because I ain’t nothing

This gift you gave I’ve not earned

Your love I don’t deserve

I’m not even all that good

Ashamed of many things I’ve done

Why me? Trust me, I ain’t nothing

Are you sure I can do this

I’m afraid I may not succeed

I hope you will help me

And I sure do want to believe

Why me? Others say I ain’t nothing

You make me want to be better

I feel stronger when you’re near

I know I can never be worthy

But I will forever try to repay

Why me? Are you sure I ain’t nothing

Thank you for not giving up on me

You’ll have my praise always

I’ll tell everyone about you

How you saved me and are by my side

Why Me? I’m a child of God, I ain’t nothing


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