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How to stand firm in your own right!

So the day comes when you examine your life, your assets and capabilities and realize that you’re not working with as much credentials, substantial Net Worth or experience to pull off the vision that has sparked a fire of passion inside you.

You rehearsed over and over in your mind various strategies, positioning and blueprints of how you can pull of such a magnificent venture. 

Finally, you get up the nerve to share your plans with your most trusted confidants, believing that they will give you the constructive and supported feedback that your hoping will co-sign your agenda.  Thus, giving you the encouragement and perhaps even the financial support needed to jump-start the process.

Some are enthused for you but most brush you off with the infamous word ‘Interesting’!  Nevertheless, you continue to hold on to your dreams and you're determined to beat the odds regardless of the neglected support that you originally hoped to receive. 

After countless hours of research, free tutorials, podcasts and motivational videos, you finally get a breakthrough.   The phone rings and it’s a prospect that you had long since given up on due to their previous attitude of indifference, but now they announce to you their need for your services.

Ecstatic about your exciting news, you hang up the phone, break out in your happy dance and plop down on your bed from overwhelmed happy exhaustion.

With a silent cry of Joy, a sense of accomplishment, and sigh of relief, you finally lie down comfortably on the very bed you spent countless hours worrying and being frustrated.

You have finished your foundation course.  The Basics have actually turned out for the best.  Confirmation of doing what you can with what you have has proven its case.

Could this story resemble some of your very own experiences?  Have you also made the choice to follow your vision at all cost?  Have the entities of Modern Technology help to get you one step closer to your hopes and dreams.

It has mine!  

Until next time, Blessings to all, keep shining, and always stay encourage! -Shira Garnett

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