• Timothy Johnson

Holding onto hope

There is a street where she has been many times in the past with her friend.

The moments of joy as well as laughter that she had with her.

Perhaps the last time they are on a walk on that street.

It is upon this day she has her head hung down in despair.

She has a heavy burden that is hard to let go of.

There is several tears that is evident that come out of her eyes.

Her friend who has fought to stay alive has just lost the battle of cancer.

A pin drop that is heard struggling to keep the faith going strong.

At that moment she wonders if there is still a place to shine through.

Now is the time for the peace in the valley to hold.

The peace in the valley as the storm rages onward.

The everlasting hope to be able to embrace the arms of a loving God.

Now is the time for her time to continually seek out the goodness of the LORD.

This is her time to fall into his mercy and abundant grace.

This is her time to take a second breathe as she lifts up her eyes to the sky.

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