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I am a hoarder in my heart

Of all the nasty things, and stupid things

Ideas that draw us apart.

At work, at play, at rest

I keep it all in; nothing strays outside

To endanger my pride as I hide inside.

I am a hoarder in my heart

Building up prejudice long before

It came to be trendy.

I would never spend a penny

I bat away all the balls bowled

Nothing hallowed.

I am a hoarder in my heart

Of all I wanted to say but never did.

A lack of confidence to confess or make redress.

Leaving me in deep dismay

About what I could do

Short of being in You Lord.

I am a hoarder in my heart

Neglect built up to the ceiling

Ignorance blocking the doors

No one can enter anymore.

Unless God explores

Jesus comes through all our walls and doors.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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