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The bible is filled with many heroes, not afraid to take a stand. They placed their trust in the God of all, and were guided by His hand. Ones like Noah who had faith to believe, to the saving of his own. By trusting, what the Lord said was coming; His mercy to him was shown. Abraham left his hometown while trusting God without asking why. He was promised his seed would be great on earth, as many as the stars in the sky. How about Moses who started his mission, while still having a little doubt, when he saw the greatness of the power of God, he then led the people out. Then there are prophets who were led by God, Like Elijah who heard all that He said. Even while standing up to those who came for him, by calling fire down on their head. There were so many heroes, which placed their lives on the line, to complete their earthly task. Their names will be written forever in heaven, where their memory will always last. Daniel braved the lion’s den for his faith in the One he believed. Many others were put to the test, with all the trials that they received. Like Sampson who beat the philistines, with a jawbone in his hand. Then we have Joshua who led Israel on, into the Promised Land. David destroyed the giant, who claimed to be the best, so he said. However, a single stone with the power of God, and this enemy warrior was dead. The list of names goes on and on, too many to be written down. Will be treasured forever in God’s word, and their bravery will always be found. Let us not forget about Ruth and Esther, a daughter in law and a queen. Many other women had faith to believe, yet some of them remained unseen. Truly, they were heroes of the faith and their names will forever live. For they trusted God as a way of life, and their all, they were willing to give. Now I would like to speak of One Hero, who greatly outweighs them all. Jesus is the greatest hero, who fulfilled His Father’s call. He took this world so lost in sin, and came to die in our place. With no way out, we would surely die, while God extended His loving grace. He would not lose what He had created, even though sin made everyone dead. He removed the curse on a rugged cross, by dying in our stead. So now, you know who the greatest hero is, for it is rather plain to me. That Jesus is the greatest hero, this world will ever see.

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