Hearing God

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Want to hear God? Read scripture

Love prophecy? Prophesy in the WORD of God

The bible is the full and sufficient revelation of all we need to know about God.

Through scripture, His Word of Knowledge and His power to transform our hearts is made known.

In His WORD, the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus Christ and His way,

and the manifest presence of God shines as a light in a dark place.

So believer, In righteousness through Christ, cultivate a love for the WORD of God;

to understand the mystery of His sayings for your soul

And as you draw close, listen with a taught and disciplined ear,

enabled by His Word and His Spirit!

Beloved of the Lord, be encouraged!

Scriptural references: 2 Peter 1:19; 2 Tim.3:15-17; Joshua 1:8; 1 Cor.12:8-10


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