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Going down for the count

She's going down for the count in the chaos. Her innocence that she was robbed of at the age of sixteen years old. The currents drowning out her vision for another day. A multitude of sorrows and regrets robbing her of her joy that she used to have many years ago. Her dreams shattered by the voices of doubt and condemnation. The shame of abuse by her earthly father who put her down much of the time. Several lies that tell her is worthless. Lies that tell her it will never be enough.

However, a voice called out to her letting her know that it's not over yet. My love for you is as deep as the Pacific Ocean. It keeps no record of wrongs. It lifts you up to a better state of mind. My Love goes on forevermore. You don't have to carry that ball and chain around anymore. You have a new slate and a new beginning my dear child. The raging storms are over.

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