God's Plans

Before the Earth was formed,

God laid out a plan,

to create a perfect place,

to fellowship with man!

He created light

and saw that it was good.

He created heaven and Earth,

all just where He stood!

He placed the garden on the Earth

to fellowship with man,

created in his image,

created by His hand!

He made the Garden perfect,

He made it all just right!

He saw man should not be alone,

and created him a wife!

Then He made the animals,

which He let Adam name,

he and his wife were free,

until they knew their shame!

Evil came into the garden,

telling his untruth.

He said they would be like God,

but shame became their proof!

There was one rule to follow,

God thought they would see,

obedience to His command,

would keep them safe and free!

Because they fell for Satan's ploy,

the Garden they could not have.

Still, God had compassion,

He already had a plan!

He made for them a perfect world,

but Satan spoiled it all.

If you think God didn't know,

He did, they would be victims of the fall.

The God of all the universe,

from before Earth was made,

He had another plan,

He would not give up on man!

There was a foreshadowing,

written all throughout pl QHis book,

it's been there all along

for us to take a look!

The plan now in effect is,

God sent His only Son,

to be a sinless man,

and die for everyone!

There is a garden coming,

when God completes His Word!

It will be just as perfect,

as in the first we heard!

So if you think He has no plan,

for mankind's entire life,

just think, He did all of this,

So we would turn out right!

If things don't seem to go right,

don't you fret at all,

God has a good plan,

He will not let you fall!

He has His special plan for you,

He will show the path,

so we can go rejoice with Him,

and never taste His wrath

First we must come to Him,

accept Jesus as our Lord.

Seek to learn and grow,

and feed upon His Word!

Share His love with others.

Shine His light along the way,

Tell about His truth,

let His life be yours every day!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

11/20/ 2019


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