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God, Himself does arts and crafts

the proof is daily seen,

with colors of red, yellow, orange,

deep sea blue and green!

The seasons of the year give fourth,

His artistic talent true.

From winters frosty sunrise,

to summer's skies of blue!

Though He molds not just of clay,

but of wood and stone and sand.

Still 'tis wondrous to behold,

the workings of His hand!

The fresh winter blanketing of snow,

like a Canvas clean and new,

waiting to be painted on,

with natures glorious hues!

Then comes Spring's sunshine,

causing winter's dead to live,

to bring the bounty from the earth,

that only God can give!

The summer's sun creates a glow,

on a beach of sparkling sand.

Children splash in waters blue.

Sunbathers turn to tan!

When once again autumn comes,

he paints new scenery.

Hues of orange, red, gold and brown,

replace leaf's greenery!

God's creativity,

Transcends all we have seen.

Only God would think of using,

gold to paint His scenes.

Who else do you know,

would use such precious stones,

as jade, sapphires,or pearls,

for building Heaven's homes!

Peggy Woody

10/18/1992. ©

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