God is God

Updated: Aug 18

In a world where the truth is exchanged for a lie. The battleground fought in

homes where marriages are crumbing apart. The battle ground fought in our

nation over drugs, greed of money, and corruption. The battle being fought

in our country over morality and courage. A small child who is put out in the

cold by a neglectful father. Wounded soldiers falling on the ground here and

there in a foreign land. God is still the LORD of the harvest. His amazing grace

that is abundant forevermore.

In a world where bad fruit seeks to corrupt good fruit. A world that is bent on

bad intentions and wicked ways. The maze of confusion that gets us lost in our

false egos that hold us back from our potential. A young girl struggling with

issues of abandonment and abuse. A young man in a dark pit who has never

known what genuine love is from his own earthly father. The deep internal scars

that are left unresolved. God is still the LORD of the harvest. His amazing grace

that is abundant forevermore.

He is at work n the dark storms calming your soul and heart. He is a gentleman

who wants the best for us so that we can live in peace and harmony. He has a

plan and purpose for our lives. He is altogether holy and majestic as the

creator of the universe. He is altogether wise and infinite in his love for each

one of us.

With the other sets of foot prints in the sand he has carried you through the

dark storms of life when it seems like there is no hope to walk tall. His word is true

and his promises are constant. The peaceful assurance that is a part of his nature forevermore.

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