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God Directs

The devil tried to

kill my sonin 1992.

It didn't quite get done,

because of what God knew!

The wreck, it was horrendous,

a firebird split in half,

human bodies broken

what unnecessary wrath

One lost both of his feet

and could have easily bled out

except for a little path of mud,

God knew all about

Three others, injuries had.

All rushed to emergency.

Ambulances screamed aloud

while all their tires did screech!

Notified by our daughter,

we jumped and ran in fear

hoping that somehow we could

once again draw near.

While enroute to the hospital,

a train track crossed our path.

Never have I ever shown

that kind of fearful wrath!

We saw a helicopter lift

while fearful tears we cried.

As we made our approach

Our daughter said, "he's still alive!"

We rose in the elevator

to the floor above,

seeing those flat sheets

instead of feet I love!

We got to talk to him

just a little while

we tried to bring comfort

to our frightened child!

As we left the room,

a precious friend I heard.

An arm circled round my neck

she rapid-fired the Word!

She reached for her change

to give it to me

she knew I'd need to make a call.

A giving woman she'd always be!

She had been a friend since childhood.

She'd always been near-by.

She was an EMT,

that rode by patient's side.

After time had passed,

new things were being learned,

just how God directed,

better than we'd heard!

Fast forward to a reunion,

at my sister's school.

Secrets were made known,

just showing how God rules.

A nurse and classmate

of my Sister's, shared

a word,of secrets

we had never heard.

In the ambulance with our son

on that desperate ride that night,

God provided just the ones

sent to fight that fight.

Prayer warriors on a mission,

unknowingly, placed by love,

praying all the way for him

keeping him from Heaven above!

It just wasn't quite his time

in fact for 18 years.

obstacles he would face,

and he faced them without fear!

One night in 2010,

the call for him went forth.

and we would come to learn

he left Earth for sides of the North!

Times of shock and sadness,

grief would take a toll

and yet God set direction,

and victory soon would roll!

Yes there's pain and sadness.

No, it wasn't fun.

there was a path to be taken

to finish out this run!

As time passed, sometimes slowly,

grace brought peace within,

and wonderful joy became

the blessed outcome coming in!

Victory now had been provided

glory was there to care

God gave us a story

and faith to stand and share!

Peggy Jeranine Woody

April 6, 2020

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