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Gifted At Golgatha

Immemorial, at the center of the earth, scripture divination unfolded

Outside a sacred city gate, a somber stage erected to terrify

A small kranion hillock where the damned painted a scarlet ground

One without sin nailed medially amidst two unknown sinners

Crucified; one lost, one willingly sacrificed, one forgiven

A bleak scene, opened to the heavens for a Father’s eyes to grieve

Waiting, sacred angels wept, whispering a prayer, a plead to intervene

Final words carried on the wind “Father into your hands I commit my spirit”

A great solemnity, as the last breath escaped, an angry sky revealed tombs nearby

The earth trembled in death as a new life, a new spirit, and a new world began

The blessed blood, the holy cross, and Jesus the Lamb of God resurrected

All an unimaginable charism for mankind gloriously gifted at Golgotha

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