• Timothy Johnson


Updated: May 8

The solid foundation of a young girl with blonde hair as well as two light green eyes who blossoms in the meadow. Their affectionate sweet nature that stands out throughout the great adventure. The abundant grace that flows throughout their character. The meadow where brown and white horses are eating grass. Her eternal hope that is evident within the dance. Her mother of fifty years old with curly blonde hair who enjoys planting flowers in her backyard.

Secondly, The appearance of a tall slightly thin businessman with a deep sense of integrity as well as immeasurable honor who is tested by a few trials as well as a small amount of adversity remaining strong in his courage while grounded in his foundation of faith. The deep sense of integrity that he has witnessed within his own earthly father as a young boy that he went on a few fishing trips with to catch some trout at a small river in California.

Therefore, the great deal of gratitude that is evident in both of their hearts throughout the flow of the great adventure worth diving into.

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