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First Step


My eyes begin to water,

as we all stand to our feet.

I do not understand what's wrong.

My heart now skips a beat!

I seem to feel a drawing,

a tugging at my soul.

My face begins to burn,

as tears, down my cheeks roll!

I quickly look around,

as if somehow I'll see,

just how many people,

may be looking back at me!

My hands are trembling now,

as the music starts to play.

"Oh. dear Lord, please help me."

Deep in my heart, I pray!

Just as I am

Without one plea,

"I am very sure, Lord,

that does not apply to me! "

My knuckles have turned white,

from clutching to the seat,

my knees, they seem to buckle

I'm barely on my feet!

My heart is pounding hard now

and my breathing is labored, too.

I can almost hear God say,


Coming from across the aisle,

a lady takes my hand.

"Come now, sister, let's go forward,

and there you'll understand! "

With that, I took the first step,

but the rest I must have flew,

I was at the altar on my knees

before I even knew!

There my Saviour met me,

lifted burdens from my soul.

I did not understand it all,

but for the first time, I was whole!

That was just the first step,

since then I've come to know,

everyday we take more steps,

as they come and go!

I was born again that night,

He took all of my sin.

Now everyday I'm growing,

to be a little more like Him!

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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