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First Day Of Spring.

Today is the first day of Spring

Listening to the songbirds sing

Robin, wren, blackbird, thrush give everything

I feel their joy as they sing

My spirit rises above my trembling.

Today is the first day of Spring

The world spins into a new season

I know God cares for all His furred and feathered friends

They live fully dependent upon His hand

I pray that will never end.

Today is the first day of Spring

All the crocus, daffodils and bluebells bud

Flowering, their perfume overpowering

Empowering my senses

Debilitating my defenses.

Today is the first day of Spring

Nature is building up for greater things

The days are stretching longer

The nights are stunted and shorter

A happiness in all that there is.

Today is the first day of Spring

God's touch is on and in everything

Spring is glowing!

I sit and write in my praise of knowing

That my faith and hope is budding and growing.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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