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Falling from Grace

The distant sound of horses that is heard from out of the western mountains.

Meanwhile the sound of thunder striking a small farm more than once in the

same place.

A heart shining through the darkness before doubt and fear take over.

The dismay that comes in the middle of the night for a man who has just

heard the bad news about his son he lost in the war during the hard times.

The fall from grace that transpires just before pride comes before the fall.

The plan of God that fell away in the heart of a young rancher.

The young rancher with a love for more than a few horses.

His Grandma who has kept the faith going strong enough for three people.

The hour when a broken heart is stirred up to do greater things.

Greater things in the bigger picture that is before him.

The fall from grace when the road gets to hard to travel on.

A single ounce of humility that is yet to gain in the heart of a father

who has lost his son to the spread of cancer in his body

His faith that is shaken to the ground once more in the face of tragedy.

Hope rising out of that tragedy that hits home.

Lastly hearts of gold rising to a place of beauty as well as wonder.

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