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I know it must break Your heart,

when we cry out in pain,

no matter what is the reason,

You feel the pain, the same!

When life on Earth began

it was not meant to be this way,

but, it was meant for joy,

which we could share each day!

It started in the Garden,

where life should be the best.

food and joy a plenty,

where life would be so blessed!

You wanted companionship,

so You created man,

put him in the garden,

left the garden in his hand!

It was supposed to be thus,

we would laugh, and talk and share.

We'd never need to worry,

from sin we would be spared!

There was revolt in Heaven,

some sought to take Your place.

They were banished far away.

and were cast down with great haste!

Life was perfect in the Garden,

with just one simple rule,

we could have had it all

but, that one tree became a tool!

Just like our little children,

we want to have it all,

you resisted to inform us,

that would only bring the fall!

As parents care for children,

sharing not all they would

at that young age of innocence,

Satan fouled it because he could!!

You wanted to have innocence,

but it was knowledge they desired

that "desire"You resisted,

Adam and Eve were not inspired

If parents choose to not share

the hassles of the way,

just let our kids be innocent,

and trust us every day!

Would, that we be spared

this knowledge which would kill,

to keep our hearts from evil,

because You gave free will

Why Lord, could we not see,

what we thought we'd need,

would take us by the nose,

and to death it would lead!

There was one thing on this Earth

Which You chose to withhold

You did it for our good,

their choice made such pain unfold!

I know it breaks Your heart,

to hear us cry and wail,

of all the things You are blamed for,

yet Your love would not fail!

So when we find ourselves

in troubles, all about,

You've made a way of safety,

if we choose, to be pulled out!

That WAY is also TRUTH and Life,

upon on a narrow path,

to keep us from the enemy,

and his horrendous wrath!

If Adam and Eve had trusted You,

and resisted what we don't need,

and on Your Holy word,

we learn to daily feed!

Because they were deceived,

ours became a fallen world,

things which had happened,

caused chaos to unfurl!

We think it's just the way we are,

and just a normal thing.

One thing is very clear,

we find our hearts in pain!

If we think about it,

this is a world that fell,

and Satan set for us a path,

that would clearly lead to hell!

Our trust in You, can bring us

to that place of peaceful rest,

and we know You have provided,

we should be grateful and be blessed!

One day we will find ourselves

leading the life we should,

with You to lead before us,

and be running toward Your Good!

Help us, Lord to trust you,

as we walk along each day,

to make the choice before You,

for which You dearly paid!

If we really trust You

we need to see the truth.

It is by Adam's choice, that day,

that death became the proof!

Whatever steps we take,

we know this time on Earth,

really is so short for us to choose,

a Glorious Heavenly birth!

Help us trust You, Lord,

give grace for our way,

to know You are in control,

and walk with us each day!

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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