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Ever So Slowly

Cherish the life He gave, for there will not be another

Recall blessings, like the love received from your mother

Savor the laughter, the times with family and good friends

Honor all lives, those that end, and when a new one begins

Let go of the spite and absolve all things that need forgiving

But stand up to hate, and the evil abusers of the living

Help the frail, the sick, and the poor who call out and plead

Show love, without caution, open your arms to all in need

Throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life

Renew your thoughts and attitudes, forget the days of strife

Release your fears and bury the anger that invites the devil

Let everything you say be good to increase the Spirit’s level

He chose you even before you were born as one of His own

Knew you would ask Him to forgive the seeds you had sown

Receive the grace, His greatest gift, one you never earned

Avoid losing a soul; the damnation of a body forever burned

Seek Jesus as your Savior and lay down your confessions

Forgive others as God has forgiven all your transgressions

Feel the energy; His Spirit placed within a vessel that breathes

The hope and love found inside is greater, in one that believes

You are a child of God with a nature that is righteous and holy

With each step, you will become like the Son, but ever so slowly

Shout halleluiah for the glorious life He has breathed in you

Saved on the day of redemption to join Him in a sky forever blue

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