Updated: Nov 6

I think it is appropriate on this particular day to clarify what it actually means to be an evangelical. Isn’t it a misuse of religion and for Heaven’s sake and stating the obvious, the word angel is in its name? God most certainly hates the abuse of the holy, yet the civic has taken the word and made it dirty. It could be said, without a doubt, and if you asked Him, He’d be neither democrat nor republican. Certainly not along any political party line associated with an organized government. Be reasonable: the word is from a Greek word meaning gospel or good news. It is not a conservative word or a liberal word or even a fundamentalist word. Nor can the basis, intent, and purpose of the word be tied to or based on an individual race. Its origin and meaning would indicate it’s intended for every living soul on earth. It is not life’s politics but life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the authority of the bible. The good-news is about being born again, rising upward or going down and not going left or right. The good news it refers to is salvation by grace alone, brought to sinners by Jesus Christ. It is faith in God and Jesus’s atonement and taking the Great Commission to heart. Then going into the world to share the good news and teaching the gospel to everyone. That which is something all Christians should do as they humbly declare the message of God. The Lord has given life, has been gracious, and shown favor by giving you free will. He deserves your hallelujah, and it should be so much louder than just raucous and political rhetoric. So shout hallelujah, I’m a Christian, saved, I’m a child of God, and yes, I’m evangelical. Oh yeah, and go vote!

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