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Don't Fly

Don't Fly.

When I was a babe

In our precious Lord,

I spread fantasy wings

And 'round the mountains, soared!

I daily took to flight,

God's wonders to behold,

But then one day I came down hard

And here's what I was told!

"Don't fly without a license,

You've not learned how to land

It hurts too bad to crash,

Such pain you cannot stand!

And Satan's there to trick you,

To think you're doing fine,

When in truth there's so much fog,

You're really flying blind!

Don't fly without a license,

Take time, be taught, and learn,

To come down slow and easy

Instead of crash and burn!

Learning to fly is a process,

So take it day by day,

Soon you will be soaring

Up where Eagles play!

If you learn the ways of God.

Soon you'll come to see,

That like the mighty eagle,

He wants us to fly free!

To fly without a license,

Is dangerous, it's true,

Not just in the cockpit, but

Also in the church's pew!

We ride the roller coaster,

Of emotions it is plain,

We should be full of joy,

Instead we're full of pain!

We know all of the right things,

That we should do and say,

But, every morning we wake up,

Dreading to face the day!

Can we wear the mask all day?

Or will it slip and fall,

Revealing to all those around,

Our secrets, one and all!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

Copyright. 10/22/1991

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