Do You Have Need For A Saviour?

Do you have need for a Saviour?

To help you everyday

Who will love, guide and keep you

Through all that comes your way.

Ask, and you shall receive Him

Seek, and you will find

To take you out of your dismay.

Do you have need for a Saviour?

To talk too all day long.

When you feel like it

Then you can break into a song

To praise all that is coming

In a way that you can stay

In the bright light that is Jesus, the Way.

Do you have need for a Saviour?

To pray to all night long

For He is there to help you

Through that dark night that goes on and on.

Even when words desert you

All you have to do is listen

You will hear His comforting voice consoling you.

Do you have need for a Saviour?

As the day ends

When you speculate on all that has gone wrong.

All the scenes that make you feel

As if you are someone unloved

Make no mistake despite your lack of belief or misbehaviour

Christ, will be your Saviour!

Hugh K Henderson <><


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