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Can someone who's not had to lose know what it means to win

Could God Who formed and made us understand the hearts of men

Unless He came to live like us as One in heart and soul

And set aside divinity in life to make us whole

The answer's not that simple though some think it truly is

How God became a man for just a while to teach us this

That love would bear our sins upon the cross to set us free

And rise again to bring us life for all eternity

But when we go much deeper as it is our work to do

And truly see the work of God and all that He went through

We have a new perspective of what our salvation means

As slowly and methodically we walk through every scene

From prophesies about Him Who would be the chosen One

Who as the Lamb would bear the grief for all that we have done

The willing living Sacrifice Who'd leave His throne above

And willingly bear all our scorn to share with us God's love

And then the scenes at Christ's mass when He came that precious Babe

Just shepherds there to greet Him in the manger that was made

To feed the sheep and cattle as the source of daily life

There holding Him Who was to share our burdens and our strife

And then from there to being a young child of only two

Accepted by the wise men who alone came there to do

What all the priests and wise men of the chosen race had missed

Adorning praise upon Him that the Father's love had kissed

And then into the temple where He met with those who thought

Themselves of greater wisdom than this young Man who was brought

To witness what was coming for Him as the Lamb of God

And still He did not swerve one step from off the path He trod

Of His perfect obedience to Their most vital plan

The only way to bring salvation to the soul of man

That did not end with sacrifice upon that hallowed tree

But will forever be engraved in Him for you and me

As scars upon our Saviour Who does truly know our soul

From every thought to every breath and all that makes us whole

But also Who has promised if we do as He has done

To make us as He was with us with Him and God as one

Genesis 3:14-15; Psalm 22:2-24; Isaiah 53:1-12; Hebrews 2:14-18; John 17:21-22


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