Daily Inspiration

Depth in Scriptures

The little incidentals in the scriptures that we see

At least those incidentals we believe them all to be

May not be incidental to the texts we read at all

But may be quite specific to the faithful and their call

To search the scriptures daily for the messages therein

The messages God's purposed for His people over sin

That have a real connection with His Spirit through His Word

And choose to be attentive to what clearly can be heard

That is His voice within us as He sits upon that throne

Within our body temple meant for Him and Him alone

To raise us into oneness with our Maker and our God

To give to us direction in this earthly path we trod

That will soon end in heaven with the host of the redeemed

Who also found their purpose in the One Whom they esteemed

Above the foolish folly man has fashioned for his soul

That leaves a hollow emptiness and cannot make one whole

For when those incidentals can be clearly understood

The way that God has purposed as for each of us they should

There glows for us a power beyond any we have known

A power from God's presence He has promised for His own

Like as a brief for instance when we see in scriptures there

Those things that point to nature while we're studying in prayer

By crossing them in reference with other places too

We'll see an application that most others fail to do

Like water can mean people and God's Spirit can be rain

And white can stand for purity that wipes away sin's stain

And ships can be a movement sailing on a turbulent sea

As God controls the tiller 'til His people can be free

And fire can mean destruction or God's Spirit among men

And wind can mean confusion as God closes in on sin

And gold can be His people as like silver can be too

All lying in the context that God wants to show to you

So when you read your Bible please don't miss what's there inside

But slowly search each meaning with God's Spirit as your Guide

And bask in all He shows you as He draws you next to Him

Preparing you for service with His mighty Seraphim

Isaiah 28:9-10; 1 Corinthians 2:9-16; Hebrews 5:12-14; 13:1,2


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