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A picture speaks a thousand words at least it does to me

When I observe what artists cast of Christ on Calvary

And kneeling in the garden with His hands upon the stone

I can't help but to think of Him and what He did alone

And on that road upon His knees the cross upon His back

How could my heart be hardened not to cry at this attack

Upon my King and Sovereign when He gave His all for me

Because of my potential in the future He could see

For all that happened on that day so very long ago

Was done specifically for me that I might surely know

The depth of love the Father has Who would not spare His Son

Until the work that He prepared to save my soul was done

That started in a garden when the pair that He had made

Were told about the evil consequence that must be paid

Not just by them for what they'd done but by the Lamb of God

Who would for us be sacrificed upon this cursed sod

That once had been the dwelling place of all things good and new

Where Eve and Adam held the hands of Him at first they knew

But wandered from obedience to walk the tempter's way

And were informed about the Gift and what He'd have to pay

To save us all from certain death as wages for our sin

That Price the Lamb would dearly pay to save the souls of men

Who would be touched with anguish for the evil they had done

And lay all on the altar for the love of Christ the Son

But pictures of man's painting though inspired out of love

Cannot reveal in true detail the Gift I'm speaking of

As much as those He's painted on the mural of my heart

When I observe and share those things of which I have a part

Those times of close communion with His Word upon my knees

Observing deep within my heart each moment that He sees

When going through His anguish in that time so long ago

He saw for me potential and the love that He might show

To others who might listen to His plan for them as well

Inspired by the beauty of those things I cannot tell

But I can start the journey of another who might see

By sharing Truth with love and grace through what He's done for me

Luke 23:33-46; 22:39-44; John 19:16-18; Matthew 28:18-20

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