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Daily Inspiration

Not The Same

No two of us are like the other one to the extent

That we resemble life and movement that we've here been lent

No two identically have features that are all the same

Though of the same ancestral gender with the same last name

But somehow we who think and ponder life in this regard

Assume that being true and different in Christ is too hard

And think that all who will be Christian must be in their soul

Identical in ways and manners to make up the whole

But God has never made the statement that we're all the same

For in His Word He pure and simply says that we're to blame

For yokes of bondage placed on others to be just like us

When He has never made us worthy of this godless trust

Instead He's told us times unending that to be like Him

Men must ignore the limitations that are placed on them

To think and follow steps of others in the path they take

Too often made by their presumption for the devil's sake

Who is the source of strife and anger placed on those who go

About their way in life pursuing ways that they might know

The beauty of a life in Jesus where no day's the same

Assimilating His demeanor with that single aim

To be for Him a true example of His love to men

To all the women and the children who are cursed by sin

That love that's not been boxed or branded but that's pure and free

That only has one limitation that's in you and me

And if we choose to live like others who still live in sin

Then how can we have what God offers those who will begin

Each day a new life with the Saviour through His Holy Ghost

Where God resides in words and actions that share Him the most

With all the world that needs to see Him for the God He is

The One Who's made us for His purpose at a time like this

When prophesies are fast fulfilling for Christ's soon return

And all the world is stumbling blindly needing most to learn

That there is One we must resemble One Who rules the heart

One Who makes us unique and different from our brand new start

And only as we spend each moment growing more like Him

Will others see what's most desired, God through Christ in them

Isaiah 58:5-11 Romans 12:1-21

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