Daily Inspiration

The Most Like Him

When someone is converted from the life they knew before

To living in a lifestyle with the One that they adore

Should not that be reflected in the things they do and say

To let the world around them see there is a better Way

For many this is truly the experience they've found

They've built their whole existence once again on holy ground

As now their new reality is motivated here

By faith that Jesus' coming is not distant but quite near

So near they almost taste it in the morning when they rise

As wafts the perfect fragrance of God's Spirit when their eyes

Behold the Father's glory in the scriptures that they read

Instructing them in how to share with others here in need

Of His endearing presence that's been promised to us all

When once we feel the burden and responsive to His call

We move away from comfort in the life we've known before

And draw in even deeper to the One that we adore

Who says He sees no longer the misgivings of our past

When we in faith pursue His will and all our burdens cast

Upon our loving Saviour Who poured out His life for us

In Whom we can experience the most endearing trust

That does not fear tomorrow or what other folks may say

That truly sees in Jesus Christ the Life the Truth the Way

Wherein is life eternal with the saints who here before

Found solace in believing no one else could love them more

Than He Who gave all heaven and His throne above to prove

That for our soul's salvation there was nothing that could move

Him from the one lone purpose He determined He would be

The Lamb that God would sacrifice to buy eternity

For those who will to give Him everything now in return

And focus on the scriptures for so much they have to learn

About the life He's building in that Kingdom up above

Established solely on that most enduring Godly love

That changes our tomorrow when we give Him our today

And changes us to be for Him His light upon the Way

That others need most dearly be revealed today to them

That love that changes all we are to be the most like Him

1 John 4:7-21


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