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Daily Inspiration

Lost Stories

He simplified the Gospel so that everyone might hear

The message of salvation with a sympathetic ear

He gave us illustrations from the things that we might see

To bring the wise and simple lessons for eternity

Yet somehow we have lost them these great stories told of old

These stories with their lessons purer than the purest gold

About so many prophets patriarchs and judges too

And all the many blessings from events that they went through

Like when the borrowed ax head way back in Elisha's day

Flew off into the river in a most unusual way

For when the prophet found out where the ax head sunk below

He through a stick that all the boys God's glory there might know

For as the stick there landed where the iron ax head sunk

Beneath the muddy waters with a swift and quick kerplunk

The stick instead of floating to the bottom sank as well

Right there down in the water where that heavy ax head fell

And up on top the water did that heavy ax head rise

Before not just the one boy but before the whole crowd's eyes

Where there Elisha told him go and fetch it back again

This ax head representing souls of lost and fallen men

For just as it had fallen down beneath the river's waves

So all who have been born of earth are destined for their graves

But Jesus has provided as the Branch and Father's Son

The Way to bring salvation as a gift to everyone

Who choose to be that ax head choose to let Him take their place

Provided by the miracle of God's redeeming grace

That has no explanation only that the world might see

The power of the gospel born of love for you and me

And yet there are so many many stories in God's Word

That need to be uncovered the His Gospel might be heard

And make alive the spirit that so many see as dead

For there is greater power when with God His Word is read

And understood completely as His Spirit gives it power

Most needed by all sinners in this most impressive hour

Before events foretold us in His scriptures do come true

And Christ returns in glory for the ones who love Him too

2 Kings 6:1-7; Matthew 13:10-17

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