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Daily Inspiration

In Time

Sometimes He seems so far from us with all that's going on

The evil that surrounds the world and those who lean upon

Their own inherent evil as though it were some great gift

To bring about division as they seek to cause a rift

Between the ones they look upon as being less than they

The ones who live by principles that just get in their way

From journeying in their pursuits to gain what is not theirs

Without a feeling of remorse just thinking no one cares

For many of these people act as though there were no rules

They use their gifted talents as their own self-righteous tools

To gather worldly riches and the fame they hope to gain

And even sell their soul to him who brings them so much pain

And sadly they disfigure what God wanted them to be

An image of His goodness born to live eternally

And turn the light to darkness turn one's gladness into pain

Assuming there will be no need to walk that way again

But God's been giving mercy to these evil ones we see

Allowing them to seal their fate for all eternity

And though it seems He's missing when we're needing Him the most

He's always wisely present through His mighty Holy Ghost

Allowing us to suffer only as much as we bear

For reasons that we're soon to see when we are standing there

Before His throne in glory with the rest of saints we'll know

Who likewise had a rocky path on which they had to go

But never without Jesus walking daily by our side

In Whom we learned to find our strength and in His love to hide

And trusted that the little we were caused to suffer here

Would make us more than grateful in that land where none will fear

For when Christ comes in glory and the saints to Him will rise

Those who embraced the evil will be forced to realize

That they have lost the greatest Gift God offered here to them

When they pursued the devil's path and all they gained from him

That then will be but fodder for the fire that will burn

This old and tattered piece of dirt that then by grace will turn

Into the glorious earth made new where all the saints will be

Enfolded in God's arms of love through all eternity

Isaiah 66:1-5; Psalm 50:1-23

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