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For every note in music there's a measure to be made

That helps another know for sure just how that piece is played

Maintaining a consistency in what the people hear

As time and meter fashion all the notes that meet the ear

But notes that have no measure are discordant on their own

They have no rule to guide them as they stand out all alone

And what might be most beautiful instead is harsh or plain

A piece of music one might play but once and not again

But notes that play by measure can excite a symphony

To share its inspiration with as many as might be

Within its range of hearing and within the touch of sound

Arranged by the Conductor in the way that He has found

Will lift the souls of hearers to a place they've never been

A place that cannot be described by tongues of earthbound men

That place where joy that fills the soul exceeds the bounds we know

That even makes the roots and leaves of tender plants to grow

And in that power of music where the rules are followed well

The heart will form a wealth of words before it could not tell

Words that produce expression of the joy that one may feel

That have no limitation as its influence is real

And given by the Father Who knows every thought we bear

From waking in the morning to the last words of our prayer

As we lie down upon our bed to wish the world goodnight

And plan to sing His glory as we wake to morning light

But those who choose to stand alone not metered in their sound

Will find they have a lonely path though many may be found

To be within their presence still in heart there will not be

The music of a million harps in perfect harmony

So friend don't haste within you to be too much on your own

Don't think that every note you make you have to make alone

But join with those who love you who like you desire to be

One with our Great Creator Who designed the symphony

And do your part together in your perfect time and place

That God is waiting to reveal when you receive His grace

And know the impact you will make will be the most profound

Because He is the One Who made you for your time and sound

1 Chronicles 15:16; 2 Chronicles 5:13-14; Colossians 3:12-17

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