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Daily Inspiration


How earnest are the prayers we pray for guidance day by day

How truthful is our willingness to follow in the Way

That God will truly lead us when we give our all to Him

And count our many blessings naming everyone of them

Like for the very breath we breathe that fills our lungs with air

And for each beating of our heart that shows the Father's care

To give to us His rhythm whether thinking it or not

Depending not on whether we remembered or forgot

To plan how like our organs it should do the work it does

The work that is most vital as each one fulfills their trust

To keep our life in balance from each atom to the cell

That knows from it's Creator how to live and function well

And then there are those parts of us that volunteer their time

Assisting as instructed without rhythm to their rhyme

“The hand that plans its work to do knows when to do it best

And when it need not do the work takes time to be at rest”

But then there is another that works both in time and place

As sympathetic to our needs without a mindful pace

And also when we want it to be thoughtful of the way

We think and plan our next approach to meet out all our day

With all the other blessings God's provided for our good

By giving us the health we have in truth we never could

If not for how He's made us and the way He makes us still

In new ways every morning when we give to Him our will

And listen for instruction looking in the Word He gave

That Word that soon will raise those who knew of His will to save

And lived to give Him glory for the good things He has done

Especially the best of all that came through Christ the Son

That blessing of salvation here for all who want to be

Recorded in the books above where all the worlds can see

How they who truly loved Him even when all seemed so wrong

Believing through their living faith that it would not be long

Before the greatest blessing will appear before their eyes

And to the clouds of glory with their angels they will rise

To feel the arms of Jesus and to touch His loving face

The greatest of our blessings bound by love and saved by grace

Acts 15:11; Ephesians 2:1-10

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