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Daily Inspiration

Two Sisters

The sisters of the gospel have one mother known as Grace

And One great Holy Father Who beholds them face to face

Instructing them in how they are to strive with us below

As they as one together are to let the whole world know

The beauty of the message from beginning to the end

That's rooted in the Son of God on Whom we all depend

To actuate the gospel in the eyes of all who see

The character of those who plan to live eternally

One sister's name is spoken very often everyday

By those who are considered to be in the Christian Way

The other's not so often as it sometimes is abused

By those who think there is some way their labor can be used

To make their way to heaven through the good things they must do

The good things that are spoken of expected of us too

But not to gain an entrance as some may be taught it will

But to reveal the love of God is ruling in us still

For without this one sister who is like a siamese twin

The other one would suffer and would die to selfish sin

For of a truth to live and breathe they both must have their way

And be revealed in Christians daily as they do and say

Those things that show connection with the power of the Son

The power of the gospel that alone can make us one

That power once again called Grace who gives the sisters birth

In every child of God who's born again for that New Earth

Where Faith and Works reveal Him Who adorns them through His Grace

To be the light that actuates the love on every face

The world must see as Christians who give heart and soul to Him

Who is the Father of the ones who have these two in them

Revealing by their presence what the world needs most to see

The real attending power of the gospel's ministry

That reaches to the lowest and the highest of mankind

And sees each soul as needing Godly love to fill their mind

That has on earth no preference but that every soul might live

And share that mighty gospel Jesus died for us to give

As Faith and Works live through the ones who know Him best of all

And who'll awaken when He comes in answer to His call

James 2:1-26; Matthew 28:18-20

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