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Daily Inspiration

His Temple Now

How can we find redemption from the evils of our past

How can we truly lay aside our sins on Christ at last

And know they've been forgiven never more to be our own

A gift of grace that takes our place through faith in Him alone

You might say that it's simple as the Bible says is true

The Gift of our salvation is not based on what we do

But many who proclaim this Way in truth are not at rest

Though they've confessed their sins to Him Who's promised them His best

Which is for them a problem that's not easily subdued

For as a truth it does require a different attitude

An attitude that sees the world not as it's seen before

But as a place that needs to know the grace of God much more

That takes a long lost sinner like the one we used to be

Adopts us as a child of God from sin and self set free

Then clothes us in Christ's righteousness saved by His blood alone

That flowed upon that wooden cross that makes this child His own

And no where do we find a word that says we go back then

To be confused about God's grace that saved us from our sin

For we are now His children one in love and purity

To fashion by each day with Him what we are meant to be

As confident disciples soldiers of that rugged cross

To fight each day the battles for the saving of the lost

Not focused on what may be said about where we have been

But on that place where we will live forever without sin

Where there is now no record of the evils we have done

As long as we are faithful in our walk with Christ the Son

And living everyday the Way He's promised He will lead

The ones who lay the past aside to let His love succeed

Believing that in spite of all the world may say is true

In Christ and by His grace alone we are alive and new

No longer strangers from His will but perfect everyday

We lay aside our plans to let His Spirit lead the way

And therein live as purchased from the past we once did know

In love that's deep and tender with the One we need to show

To all the world is greater than the greatest of our sin

For now we are His temple that His Spirit's living in

Acts 2:38-39; Romans 8:1-15; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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