Daily Inspiration

The Parent Stock

He felt the words as keenly as a slave can feel the whip

This Man Who ever only wanted love and fellowship

And yet not for a second did He pause in His pursuit

To carry out the plan He made to be the parent root

Of all who would be grafted into Him through love and grace

Some whom at that same moment even spit upon His face

Not knowing they were soon to see the evidence of love

The Father purely poured on them the scriptures told them of

For as Christ hung there dying for the world that hated Him

They did not realize the Gift that God was giving them

Nor did they realize the pain Christ took in their behalf

To give them opportunity to miss the Father's wrath

When He will stop the evil that's pervaded earth 'til now

When Christ returns in glory as the scriptures tell us how

With angels all around Him and His crown upon His head

The Victor over death and hell to call the quick and dead

Who've seen Him as Messiah as the perfect Lamb of God

Who lived as Man among all men to walk the path we trod

To give us His Example of what we in Him should be

The branches of One Parent Stock through faith and purity

Who know the world as He did as a mission field for them

Who have His heart embedded deep within the soul of them

His heart that sees all others as the misinformed and slow

Who simply need the Truth and will to go the Way they know

Will lead to endless ages with the One Who paid the Price

The One and only Saviour Who became our Sacrifice

Who's never failed to love us never failed to call our name

To be among the faithful few who will not bear the blame

For all their past misgivings all their past of sin and grief

As in the One Who reigns on high their soul can find relief

And on that brow that wore the crown of thorns they have confessed

The sins that have been wiped away to have His righteousness

So friend if you've misgivings for the life you've lived before

Call now upon the Saviour Who is waiting at your door

And ask Him to embrace you as He's wanting now to do

And save you to His Kingdom He's established just for you

Romans 11:17-24; John 3:16-17


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