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Daily Inspiration

True Colors

The colors of the rainbow with its intermingling hues

So varied in perspective as some people want to choose

Not really as was given when God brought the ark to rest

But more to their perversion as they make it now a test

To see if other people who believe in purity

Will hold to their convictions of what God said it should be

An omen of His promise He would not destroy again

This world by floods of waters for the evil hearts of men

He knew again would reach up to that level in His eyes

Where all He'd hear beneath Him would be evil godless cries

Except for those still faithful to the grace He's given them

The few the pure the righteous who have chosen only Him

And what these colors stand for as the Truth that men might see

So twisted and perverted by the greatest enemy

To try to hide what God designed as evidence of love

Defacing our humanity with that we're speaking of

For in that mighty rainbow that our science can't explain

We see the seven promises that God still does maintain

Those promised in His Kingdom there established 'round His throne

Forever to be seen of those who are the Saviour's own

First red like blood of crimson that flowed from the veins of God

His Sacrifice upon the cross that dripped upon this sod

To cover those accepting what our God has done for them

Who willingly lay all aside to be as one with Him

Then purple that means royalty when mixed with perfect blue

For God will crown the ones who live the Way they're s'posed to do

In faithful true adherence to the Law He says is best

The Law that truly is to be our final worldly test

And then there's green for living in abundance every day

When mixed with yellow just like gold the way the scriptures say

The Spirit came to Jesus as the Father blessed Him there

Arising from the river when for us He did prepare

The orange just like amber when the Spirit and the Blood

Make those who are the faithful into what He only could

Those who will be His testament before the eyes of men

To stand firm in the Ways of God and not the ways of sin

Genesis 9:12-16; Revelation 4:1-11

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