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The Mother's Choice

A wiseman once intrigued the world with all the things he said

And turned the tables many times by saying things instead

Of saying what was thought he might say in that time and place

That others thought would be his stance instead of losing face

Like when two women brought one child they both claimed to be theirs

And stressed the point before the Judge and many courtly stares

Expecting he would make a choice that might be wrongly made

And possibly the true mother would be the one who paid

The painful price of giving up the child that had been hers

To possibly a careless case whose outcome could be worse

If that woman who was not true should have him as her own

And leave him to the evil ways her godless heart had known

But Solomon did not relent to be as other kings

He wisely weighed what he should do as often in these things

And carefully would seek the Lord for wisdom for each case

That needed less of worldly thoughts and more of Godly grace

Instead he offered to each one a portion of the child

To have it cut in two for them this baby meek and mild

So each would be fulfilled of that one purpose that they shared

And have the child that each of them espoused for which they cared

But one looked on in horror at the thought of what was said

While those words of the other showed no worries for the dead

If what the king suggested was fulfilled before their eyes

To satisfy the need to see who spoke to him in lies

And that's when wisdom happened to reveal the heart of truth

As he who sat upon the throne displayed God's grace through youth

For then and there he knew which one was mother after all

The one who offered to relent and give in to the call

From deep within her heart of hearts to let her baby live

Even if it meant all of him to someone she must give

For mother's love looks past her wants to give what will be best

For her most precious little one though she may never rest

And so our story ended with the best of what might be

As this wise king gave to the one true mother we now see

What she so willingly revealed she'd give though filled with strife

And ultimately filled her want to save her baby's life

1 Kings 3:6-12; 16-28

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