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Daily Inspiration

How Will You Feel

Have you by chance considered how you think you're going to feel

When all the prophesies you've read about the end are real

When earth is in such turmoil as it's never been before

And somehow Satan brings about destruction even more

Than what you could imagine from the evil that he brings

In his last effort to destroy the likes of everything

God made that's been so beautiful and proved creation's plan

To one day put an end to sin and make anew the man

The way He made in Eden with eternal life to be

His portion with the angels who for all eternity

Will be the close companions of the host of the redeemed

Who through the turbulent of affairs of earth had still esteemed

The Lord as their Redeemer closest Confidant and Friend

Who through their faithful work for Him remained until the end

His lights amid the darkness when all other lights went out

Still heralding that message that Christ Jesus spoke about

That soon there'd be a judgment when this way of life would end

And all the props and crutches upon which we all depend

Will be removed so all can see the truth of who they are

And how by grace alone from God they've come to be this far

Along the chain of history to what the prophets saw

And wanted oh so desperately to stand in holy awe

Among the true and faithful to be there at Christ's return

And hear that commendation for which they did sorely yearn

To come to Him and meet Him in the clouds up in the sky

And go with Him to heaven where the saints will never die

But will through endless ages journey through the realms of space

Yet always still beholding Him Who saved them by His grace

And will be doing those things that they've never thought before

As scripture clearly tells us there's prepared for us far more

Than we've ever imagined in the wildest of our dreams

And yet is ours for having as the ones whom Christ esteems

For being His reflection when He needed us the most

Allowing His indwelling by His mighty Holy Ghost

Who's fitting us for heaven and the times we have ahead

So be sure by His Presence and the Scriptures you are led

Daniel 12:1-3; Matthew 5:1-16; Revelation 1:7; 21:4-7; 1 Corinthians 2:9

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