Daily Inspiration

Time and Tempo

Sometimes it's oh so easy to prejudge another's sin

To make our own assumption for the trouble they are in

Not knowing of their background or the circumstance behind

The reason they are suffering or in their state of mind

Sometimes we see the outside and assume the same's within

And hold back our affection when they need love to begin

That process for their healing that can only come from Him

Who placed us as His witness to be holding out to them

The answers to their questions they so badly need to hear

That can be their salvation to remove their doubt and fear

And give them an assurance that things need not be the same

When they begin to realize the power of the Name

That's calmed the storms in many given healing to their souls

Achieved success in others who held fast to reach their goals

Of exchanging past for future where one's life is fresh and new

And all their motivation is on what to say and do

To help another struggling with a past somewhat like theirs

A past that sometimes takes a lot of focused work and prayers

To hold onto those victories that only come by grace

Sometimes in quick succession other times at lingering pace

But always when entrusted to the One Who loves us most

With perfect time and tempo by His might Holy Ghost

Each vict'ry as God's wanting to reveal He still controls

The outcome of His people who entrust to Him their souls

And who desire to witness to the grace He's given them

That grace so undeserved yet still our gift of love from Him

That sees us where we've fallen only as a stepping stone

And draws us even closer to assure us we're His own

Because He sees inside us that for which He dearly paid

A child born for His Kingdom to be dressed in what He made

That robe of perfect splendor purer than the driven snow

That bears no imperfection from the past we once did know

For all those in His Kingdom who were once upon this earth

Will only bear His likeness as His children of rebirth

Because He reached through someone He decided He could trust

The way He so desires for our sakes to reach through us

James 2:1-9; 1 Peter 1:17-25


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